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yarn add vue-select

# or use npm

npm install vue-select

Then, import and register the component:

import Vue from "vue";
import vSelect from "vue-select";

Vue.component("v-select", vSelect);

The component itself does not include any CSS. You'll need to include it separately:

import "vue-select/dist/vue-select.css";

Alternatively, you can import the scss for complete control of the component styles:

@import "vue-select/src/scss/vue-select.scss";


Import Component Vue-select in custom component

We will import the Vue-select as locally.
import vSelect from "vue-select". And then registered the component in property components:{vSelect }

  <div class="root">
     <h3>Learn Vue-select</h3>
import vSelect from "vue-select"
export default {
  data () {
    return {

<style scoped>
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 600px;}



We can add vue-select in our component like this.
<v-select : options ="fruits" ></ v-select > : This how we add Vue-select in our component, there is v-bind or : in this component, options is props we pass to component vue-select. This is the provision of the vue-select library.

Add data locally in our component.

data () {
    return {

We add data fruits and its type as array. In this tutorial , I will add array with the name of the fruit.

After all its done then we can run our program. npm run dev


the output is like this:


How to use Vue-select in Vue.js


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