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in this tuto, I'll show you the methods for clearing or rebuilding Drupal 8 cache programmatically  and using admin UI, update.php, drush, SQL, ...

Programmatically using PHP

juste use this method where you want to clear the cache:


there is also other methods to clear caches using:

By Admin UI

Navigate to /admin/config/development/performance and ​click the button "Clear all caches".

By Drush

drush cache-rebuild
//or you can use 
drush cr

By update.php

Run update.php (/update.php) is another way of clearing the cache.


Delete all data inside  tables that start with "cache_" like this:
TRUNCATE cache_config;
TRUNCATE cache_container;
TRUNCATE cache_data;
TRUNCATE cache_default;
TRUNCATE cache_discovery;
TRUNCATE cache_dynamic_page_cache;
TRUNCATE cache_entity;
TRUNCATE cache_menu;
TRUNCATE cache_render;
TRUNCATE cache_toolbar;


Other Methods:

$variables['#cache']['max-age'] = 0;


cache_clear_all() // For Drupal-7

drupal_flush_all_caches() // For Drupal-8


If you want to clear specific cache like render cache then you can run the following code:



If you want to clear specific cache like route cache then you can run the following code:




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