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in this tuto, I'll show you how to create a modal in Drupal 8 with one line of HTML.

Before you try to display dialogs on your site, make sure the drupal.dialog.ajax library is loaded. Add the library as a dependency to your theme or module. 

add library in twig:

{{ attach_library('core/drupal.dialog.ajax') }}

add library in PHP:

$variables['#attached']['library'][] = 'core/drupal.dialog.ajax';

and then add the following snippet:

<a class="use-ajax"
  Open Dialog

    Links can be used to display a dialog box by simply adding the use-ajax class to the HTML element and specifying some dialog options.

    This link opens /node/1 in a modal dialog box.

    data-dialog-type: This is either 'modal' or 'dialog'.

    data-dialog-options: A JSON encoded string of options for Drupal.dialog.

    if Dialogs not displaying with a Javascript error, you might have to use &quot; instead of ". A valid parameter would be:


    Drupal core offers different types of dialogs:

    • Modal dialogs (data-dialog-type="modal"): They overlap the entire page, no other elements can be clicked while modal dialogs are visible. Only one modal popup can be opened at the same time.
    • Non modal dialogs (data-dialog-type="dialog"): They pop up and stay on top of the page, but still other elements on the page can be clicked. Multiple dialogs can be displayed at the same time.



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