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In this tuto, I'll show you how to add custom Styles CSS to CKEditor in Drupal 8.

Method 1

Add ckeditor_stylesheets key to *.info.yml file. The CSS assets listed there will be loaded into the CKEditor iframe like this example:

name: My Theme
type: theme
base theme: bartik
description: 'A flexible, recolorable theme with many regions and a responsive, mobile-first layout.'
package: Core
core: 8.x

  - css/ckeditor.css


Method 2

Also you can load  CSS assets by override hook_ckeditor_css_alter() method like this:

use Drupal\editor\Entity\Editor;
 * @param array $css
 * @param Editor $editor
function mymodule_ckeditor_css_alter(array &$css, Editor $editor) {
  $css[] = drupal_get_path('module', 'mymodule') . '/css/ckeditor.css';

Add css/ckeditor.css file

    color: red!important;
    padding: 20px!important;
    background: black!important;

And this is my final output:

ckeditor moono dark styles css


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