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Custom events can also be used to create custom inputs that work with v-model. Remember that:

<input v-model="searchText">

does the same thing as:

  v-on:input="searchText = $event.target.value"

When used on a component, v-model instead does this:

  v-on:input="searchText = $event"



Say you have a date picker component that accepts a month and a year value in an object with the form: {month: 1, year: 2017}. You want that component to have two inputs, one for the month and one for the year, and update the bound object through v-model. Here’s how you would implement that.


  <div class="date-picker">
    Month: <input type="number" ref="monthPicker" :value="value.month" @input="updateDate()"/>
    Year: <input type="number" ref="yearPicker" :value="value.year" @input="updateDate()"/>

export default {
  props: ['value'],

  methods: {
    updateDate() {
      this.$emit('input', {
        month: +this.$refs.monthPicker.value,
        year: +this.$refs.yearPicker.value


And here’s how another component would use the date picker:


  <div class="wrapper">
    <date-picker v-model="date"></date-picker>
      Month: {{date.month}}
      Year: {{date.year}}

import DatePicker from './DatePicker.vue';

export default {
  components: {

  data() {
    return {
      date: {
        month: 1,
        year: 2017


As you can see, it simply takes a :value property and emits an @input event with the updated date. Nothing too complicated at all!

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