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A simple example is having a component which renders multiple <li> elements:

 ... etc

However the above will throw an error. To solve this error the above template can be converted to:

export default {
 functional: true,
 render(createElement) {
  return [
    createElement('li', 'Item'),
    createElement('li', 'Item2'),

But again as you probably noticed this can get very tedious if for example you want to display 50 li items. So, eventually, to dynamically display elements you can do:

export default {
 functional: true,
 props: ['listItems'], //this is an array of `<li>` names (e.g. ['Item', 'Item2'])

 render(createElement, { props }) {
   return => {
     return createElement('li', name)

INFO in those examples i have used the property functional: true but it is not required of course to use "render functions". Please consider learning more about functional components here


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