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How to get fields in views-view-unformatted.html.twig?


you can use this way to get any field in views-view-unformatted.html.twig :

{{ view.style_plugin.getField(KEY, 'FIELD_NAME') }}


 * @file
 * Theme override to display a view of unformatted rows.
 * Available variables:
 * - title: The title of this group of rows. May be empty.
 * - rows: A list of the view's row items.
 *   - attributes: The row's HTML attributes.
 *   - content: The row's content.
 * - view: The view object.
 * - default_row_class: A flag indicating whether default classes should be
 *   used on rows.
 * @see template_preprocess_views_view_unformatted()
{% if title %}
    <h3>{{ title }}</h3>
{% endif %}
{% for key,row in rows %}
    {% set row_classes = [
        default_row_class ? 'views-row',
    ] %}
    <div{{ row.attributes.addClass(row_classes) }}>
        <div class="field_video">
            {{ view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_video') }}
        <div class="field_date">
            {{ view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_date') }}
        <div class="field_audio">
            {{ view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_audio') }}
{% endfor %}
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Submitted by visva (not verified) on Fri, 05/08/2020 - 18:34 Permalink

Hi @codimth, I have passed some integer get the filed as you suggested, but i have got php notice error. Can you please guide what we will do for that? Ex: {% if view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_course_value') > 0 %} Notice: Object of class Drupal\Core\Render\Markup could not be converted to int in __TwigTemplate_739d0ced43e7294c6bf63287a82160170a0ccb56e8a06e4836d01eb016628d07->doDisplay() Thanks, Visva
Submitted by codimth on Mon, 05/11/2020 - 12:48 Permalink

@visva use twig filters to render just the values like this:

{% if view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_course')|render|striptags > 0 %}
    {{ view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_course')|render|striptags }}
{% endif %}
Submitted by sajith (not verified) on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 19:36 Permalink

But how to print the "link to content" field in view template ?
Submitted by codimth on Fri, 09/25/2020 - 12:52 Permalink

@sajith  just check if "Link to content" is checked in UI.

and in use views use like this:

<div class="field_title">
            {{ view.style_plugin.getField(key, 'field_title') }}
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