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On . By CodimTh

In this tuto, I'll show you how to create custom drush commands in Drupal 8. 

Create a custom module codimth_drush_command:

add codimth_drush_command/codimth_drush_command.info.yml file:

this file contain basic information for the module.

name: Codimth Drush Command
type: module
description: Create Custom Drush command
package: Codimth
core: 8.x

add codimth_drush_command/drush.services.yml file:

this file declare a service pointing to CodimthDrushCommands.php class and tag the service with the drush.command tag.

    class: \Drupal\codimth_drush_command\Commands\CodimthDrushCommands
      - { name: drush.command }


add codimth_drush_command/src/Commands/CodimthDrushCommands.php file:

this file include the entire definition for our custom command. 


namespace Drupal\codimth_drush_command\Commands;

use Drush\Commands\DrushCommands;

 * A Drush commandfile.
 * In addition to this file, you need a drush.services.yml
 * in root of your module, and a composer.json file that provides the name
 * of the services file to use.
 * See these files for an example of injecting Drupal services:
 *   - http://cgit.drupalcode.org/devel/tree/src/Commands/DevelCommands.php
 *   - http://cgit.drupalcode.org/devel/tree/drush.services.yml
class CodimthDrushCommands extends DrushCommands

     * Drush command that displays the given text.
     * @param string $text
     *   Argument with message to be displayed.
     * @command codimth_custom_commands:codimth
     * @aliases drush-codimth codimth
     * @option uppercase
     *   Uppercase the message.
     * @usage codimth_custom_commands:codimth --uppercase  text
    public function codimth($text = 'Hello world codimth!', $options = ['uppercase' => FALSE])
        if ($options['uppercase']) {
            $text = strtoupper($text);


Some of the annotations available for use include:
@command – command definition, which needs to follow the module: command structure;
@aliases – aliases for your commands, separated with spaces;
@param – which defines the input parameters for your command;
@option – which defines the options available for your commands, which should be put in an associative array, where the name of the option is the key;
@usage – example showing how the command should be used.

How to use this custom command:

Example 1:
vendor/bin/drush codimth --uppercase "lorem ipsum"                    
the result: LOREM IPSUM

Example 2:
vendor/bin/drush codimth --uppercase

Example 3:
vendor/bin/drush codimth
the result: Hello world codimth!

Next steps

  • Clear your Drupal 8 caches. To do this I use this Drush command: drush cr if you don’t currently use Drush, I highly recommend using it, or the Drupal Console.
  • Now, enable the module, and you should be able to see the new drush command you have just created.
  • I hope you found this article useful. let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.
  • This code can be found and downloaded from https://github.com/codimth/codimth_drush_command.


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